The afternoon of September 10, Huaian city, Jiangsu entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Wang Wei, to carry out "three to three" research activities during sea Enterprise Group Chairman Huang Hongliang, President Assistant yán guó lún, company leadership King vision, accompanied by a special trip to our pet food production base--Jiangsu Heng Wah trade limited research to guide our work. Municipal Committee, the propaganda Minister, the Municipal Government of Huaian party member Chen Tao, Shen Yousong, Huaian, Huaian City Government Deputy Secretary-General Secretary Zhang Jingyou, entry-exit inspection and quarantine has participated in research activities.

                                  Research during, Wang Wei Secretary line in-depth production workshop and work site, condolences line production workers, field view has enterprise production processing all links, detailed understanding production management, and process, and quality control, aspects work, on Division pet food industry can broke trade barriers, ablation technology ice, insisted standardization production, and firm internationalization road, advance pet food industrialization process, aspects made of scores said appreciates; on enterprise in guarantees pet food security, set strongly of social sense, Honest conscience food to ensure pet food products exported to the work of the security, gave a high evaluation of local inspection and quarantine departments for the enterprise proactive services, top service, providing more support and help at the same time.

                                  During the discussion, Wang Wei, Secretary speaks with business owners, managers, and detailed understanding of enterprise development planning, manufacturing process control, food safety control system and so on. He hopes Enterprise put test quarantine work into to production management of all links, established quality security risk warning mechanism and information integrated platform, strengthened quality security responsibility consciousness, perfect since seized controlled system, strictly detection test, perfect management system, ensure food quality, big do strong brand, made national pet food industry leading enterprise, row industry played leading enterprise of role, maintenance China export food good reputation. He called on the inspection and quarantine departments to people-oriented, trying to play to the technological advantage, full, full, the entire process service, variety, multi-channel support enterprise development, to ensure our province's import and export product quality and safety.


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