Pet condiments specialist (natural · health · delicious)
                                        We selected natural substances as raw materials, by virtue of the in-depth study of the eating habits of animals, for the research and development of dry and wet pet food producers of staple foods, as well as small food fragrance additive formula to improve food flavour and palatability of pet cats and dogs.
                                        Dogs have a keen sense of taste and perfectly chosen according to smell like food. It is a faithful animal, need to be familiar with its surrounding environment has established a special relationship, it provided food to his host is trusted. Development teams using dogs love natural meats, liver as the main raw material, formed with biotechnology and food processing technology, has a superior resistance to high temperature and stable and lasting fragrance to give mellow aromas of meat in pet food.

                                        Cats are mysterious creatures. This is very high on the quality of its food requirements of predators. It is very concerned about the smell, the taste and texture of the food. Its intake is small, preferences depend entirely on its personal experience, very sensitive, picky. Development teams use cat favorite fish of the sea and other natural substances as raw materials, combined with the biotechnology and food processing technology refined from contain not only the excellent nutritional function, but also has the mellow aroma of meat, fish, mixed natural Attractants to increase the palatability of the product. Scent and stable, heat-resistant and strong.




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